Kids Quest

Happy March, the month spring begins!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all children and youth who took part in the worship service on February 4.  What a wonderful morning!  Each scripture reader,  prayer leader, communion server and usher did an awesome job. Thanks to Ella and Riley for taking an extra part on such short notice.  It is beautiful to hear God’s Word from the mouths of our children.

February was a great month in Kids’ Quest. We talked about miracles Jesus performed and decided there are still miracles today.  In March we will be sharing lessons on Mary honoring Jesus, blind Bartimaeus’s healing, Jesus breaking bread at the Last Supper and how people welcomed Jesus on Palm     Sunday.  We have no special projects for March but we will again be sharing the Easter story and distributing goodie bags to children on Easter morning.

We have really been enjoying the increase in attendance.  The interaction is wonderful.

Watching children as they learn and respond is such a blessing.  Thanks to Sara and Cassidy and her friend for giving us a hand.

Dates to remember: April 1 – Easter



Kids’ Quest is the children’s Sunday morning education time here at Hope.  We are on a “quest”, or a search to learn more about our God and how He fits into our daily lives.  He is there for us in the good times and the bad, just as He was for the people we learn about in the Bible.  We welcome children from age 4 through 5th grade.  Kids’ Quest meets during the worship hour every Sunday except the third Sunday of the month, which is our Sounds of Hope Sunday.  On those Sundays, children may attend the worship service with their parents, then meet for Kids’ Quest from 11am to noon.  Wisdom Quest, an education hour for the adults, is also held during this second hour on the third Sundays.

Kids’ Quest is an active part of our church community.  We are involved in various projects and activities throughout the year. October is UNICEF month when we collect coins to help needy children of the world.  In December we sponsor a sleigh ride,  plan and set up a bake sale, and present a Christmas pageant.  The first Sunday of February, the children take part in the worship service by reading scripture, leading prayers and helping to serve Holy Communion.  This is a very special time for the children and they take the responsibility very seriously.  Easter Sunday brings the popular Easter egg hunt for all children.  In May, the children who have been in third grade are each presented with a Bible.  The month of May also brings our all church celebration.  A picnic lunch is served, then games and prizes are provided for the entire congregation as we celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.

The goal of our Kids’ Quest is to provide the children with a learning experience that will bring them to realize the importance of God in their daily lives and understand how much God loves them and wants them to live for Him.  We also want the children to know they are an important part of the faith community here at Hope and they are loved here.

We appreciate any comments about our Kids’ Quest program.  Suggestions are always welcome.  We would like to hear how parents and students like the Sunday School hour after the worship service on the third Sunday of the month.  We need to know your thoughts on this project.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our Hope faith community for the support and encouragement given to our Kids’ Quest program.  It is such a blessing to know we are special and important to you, our family.