We need your input! As we look to replace our CYF Director we need Youth to help us with the process! If you would be interested in being part of the interviews with candidates, and/or have specific ideas of what qualities this person should have to be part of Hope, please let Pastor Laurie or Marcia Bowker know! Your input is    important to getting the right person for the position.

Also, this month you are invited to watch The Shack on Sunday, January 28th. The movie begins at 6pm, but we will gather in the Mathison Room at 5pm to have pizza and discuss what we want to do as a youth group for the rest of this year.

Please let Pastor Laurie know if you can attend so we get the right amount and kinds of pizza! Don’t miss this one!


Because New Year’s Day is a Monday, our first confirmation    meeting will be on January 8th.  Here are a few reminders for the new year:

  • Be sure to bring in your INTERVIEW that was to have been completed in December on the 8th!
  • If you miss a Monday night meeting you will need to make it up the following Sunday morning after worship with    Pastor Laurie
  • You need to complete at least FIVE Sermon Notes here at Hope and another from a different church.  Sermon Notes are available in the Narthex
  • Come watch the movie The Shack on Sunday, January 28th at 6p if you can. It will be a great discussion for us! (and a good makeup if you miss confirmation time this month)
  • February 4th is the Children and Youth service and it would be great to have you involved in that.
  • Because of Pastor Laurie’s schedule there is NO confirmation on January 22nd.  Instead you are encouraged to come to Movie Night on the 28th!

It’s a new year and we are going to have a great time learning more about our faith and our God!