Advent Daily Suggestions

Advent 1: Pray for each person as they receive communion. Imagine who you would like to see at church next week. Invite them to church today.

Advent 2: What word or words from worship today have found a home in your heart? Share these words with someone close to you.

Advent 3: Pay attention during worship. What part of being with community at Hope church fills  your heart?

Advent 4: Linger before leaving worship today. Ask God to prepare and send you to go out into the world to witness to God’s love.

Advent 5: Do something that replenishes your spirit.

Advent 6: Pause and breathe deeply; be aware of the presence of God within you and all around you. Give thanks for the restorative power of love.

Advent 7: How can you or your community open yourselves to people in need of rest and relief from overwork? From oppression? From violence?

Advent 8: Take time to listen closely to someone you may not ordinarily take seriously, or who has a different perspective than you.

Advent 9: Read Luke 1:26- 38. What is God calling you to say “yes” to?

Advent 10: Set a timer for five minutes. Silently repeat this prayer: “Come, Lord Jesus.” or “peace”

Advent 11: In the spirit of St. Nicholas, practice a random act of kindness today.

Advent 12: Reflect: Where have I fallen short? How can I make amends?

Advent 13: Choose to take a different route to work, to school, or to play today. Who or what did you encounter differently?

Advent 14: Read Luke 1:39-56.Tell a friend or family member about your practice of Advent and invite them to join you.

Advent 15: Join a family member or friend for 10 minutes for prayer, either in person or by phone.

Advent 16: Call or write a family member with whom you desire a closer relationship. Tell them what they mean to you. Ask how you can pray for them.

Advent 17:Turn away from the busyness of the week and turn toward someone

who gives you life or to whom you give life. Give thanks.

Advent 18: Read or watch your local news. Where is reconciliation needed? Pray for healing.

Advent 19: Read Luke 1:57- 80. Name three ways your faith community encourages the tender mercy of God to dawn

Advent 20: Gather with your faith community for a short time of prayer today.

Advent 21: Identify a blessing you have that you could give away. Then share this blessing with your church, a local ministry, or your community.

Advent 22: Read Luke 1:46-55 in an unfamiliar location – in the park, at work, at school, or on the bus. What does the prayer inspire you to do in that location?

Advent 23: Notice and pray for all those who, like Mary and Joseph, are in need of shelter.

Christmas Day
Read Luke 1-2. Give thanks for the birth of the Christ-child. Pray that you may follow Christ Jesus on his Way of Love with your whole heart, mind, body and spirit.