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The Living Endowment Fund of HOPE United Methodist Church

The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Many of you know of the many good activities that foundations do. The Depot Foundation, The University of Minnesota Foundation, The Guthrie Foundation, and The Minnesota Orchestra Foundation are just some of the well-known Minnesota Foundations.  Our Living Endowment Fund works in the same way.  Contributions to the Living Endowment Fund are not used for current expenses, but continue to earn dividends and capital gains. Each year about $3,000 to $4,000 goes into our local account to support the current year’s needs. And your contributions to the Living Endowment Fund will support the mission of Hope UMC far into the future.

Here are some ways to designate your contribution to the Living Endowment Fund.

Your contributions to the Living Endowment Fund may remember your parents, in memory of someone who has been influential in your life, the birth of a child, a baptism, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or some other significant event in your life.  You may want to celebrate the life of someone close to you by a gift from an estate.

Besides gifts of cash, you may want to consider giving a gift of appreciated stock or bonds to the Living Endowment Fund. The advantage to you is a tax write-off of the current value of the stock. The  advantage to the church is that as a non-profit organization, the church pays no tax on the dividends or capital gains.

You may use the form available in the Narthex to  designate your gift, or simply write a check to Living Endowment Fund, Hope UMC with a memo or note attached. After you make a contribution to the Living Endowment Fund, a short article will appear in the HOPE UMC Newsletter acknowledging your gift and what it is celebrating.

Remember that the Living Endowment Fund is your gift that keeps on giving year after year.