Re-opening considerations and preparedness plan

Hope has a group working on a preparedness plan for re-opening our brick and mortar building for worship. Check back here for a more detailed roll out plan as we consider all the recommendations given us from the experts in this area.

Here are some resources to consult and considerations to bear in mind as you think about returning to in-person worship. Re-opening considerations

The virus can be deadly. Yes, many have mild symptoms, but some suffer from the virulent form of the disease and die. The majority of our congregants are in the vulnerable age group of 65 and older, which calls us to be even more cautious.

For this and many other reasons, the experts are urging churches to go slow, limit their gatherings to small groups, meet primarily outdoors, and continue the excellent work you have done in creatively being the church.

When you are ready to re-start in-person gatherings, ensure your preparedness plan includes the following:

  • The church must comply with all of the governor’s mandates around capacity and requirements for social distancing, and develop a preparedness plan that is posted in your building.
  • Consult with your insurance company to make sure you would be covered if there were a COVID-19 exposure incident due to gathering for worship.
  • Send your preparedness plan to your district superintendent.
  • Create a method to track who is in the building each day so that if there is an incident of exposure, you can notify attendees and staff, and so that if there’s an outbreak, you’re able to cooperate with public health agencies for contract tracing purposes.
  • Closely monitor your community’s infection rate, and make adjustments to your in-person gatherings so you do not contribute to community spread of the virus.
Re-opening considerations and preparedness plan